Weekend project progress: routes for Larri

This morning, I started working on a simple weekend project in which the goal is a deployed API server that does one simple thing. The business logic and the API behavior isn’t too important to me because the focus of this project is actually learning more about deployment.

So far though, I’ve been only concentrating on getting a working version of the app locally.

It’s call “Larri Adda” which comes from a song about a bus stop.

The main goal is to get a DigitalOcean server and database working together properly.

What I’ve learned so far is:

  • Routing in Express is extremely flexible, it’s my first time using express.Router which is pretty powerful.
  • When using route parameters (like /user/:id), use {mergeParams: true} within the route file that expects to use route params in order to actually receive them from the parent file.
  • I’m using bits of code generated by Github Copilot which blows me away with how good it is guess what I’m trying to do!

Next on my list is to get MongoDB working with my app and I don’t want to do that today so maybe I’ll do that tomorrow 🤣