A simple box in CSS

I had an itch to try this one tonight. A simple CSS image that kind of looks like the dropbox logo in the menu bar.

Playing with this made me realize that this whole logo requires just 5 boxes that are the same size and are rotated about 45 degrees. Of course, I'm missing a little bit of the details on how the bottom square is positioned but...I think I got most of it.

See the full codepen here:

Python's growth

So this morning, I was reading about how Python is growing so fast (blog post on Stack Overflow). Some striking things to notice, Django and Pandas are the two biggest tags that are searched across Stack Overflow relating to Python. The growth seems to be related to data science more than web development but still, python is growing strong!

I didn't want to post any images from the original post so read and see them here: Python Growing Quickly

Adding some UI on top of data

So for over a year now, I've been tracking movie ratings and weight. Recently, I added net worth tracking into it, as well.

As I add more data, I am realizing that it's a good place to save this stuff but I haven't done anything to show it off in any good way.

Starting today, I'm adding some UI on top of my data. So the data homepage will now feature some visual representation of this collected data. It'll keep changing for the next few weeks as I work on adding in a good way to visualize the data.

Check it out here: data

Retiring the veneer repo

For a long time, I've tried to find projects and small experiments to put in the veneer repo. After trying quite a bit and realizing that the small things I work on are usually vaporware or things I don't care to put in a repo like that, I realized that veneer was just a repo that was sitting around collecting digital dust without any good use of it.

It did add a little bit of mental burden to think about here and there so I'm going to go ahead and just "retire" the repo so that I don't have to think about adding code or maintaining it in any way.

Adding my net worth to data

I'm looking for unique quantifiable data that is measurable often and unique to myself. I've decided to add my net worth because it's changing often and can be measured in a unit that everyone understands.

Currently, I'm getting my net worth from assets and liabilities added to my Personal Capital account so this does not include retirement savings, cash, and physical assets.

You can see it at