Goodbye Blog

Sometimes, making decisions like ending something, leaving somewhere (work or city), or deciding to stop being around a person are hard. Really hard, you spend way too much time thinking about them, they play and replay in your head many times. And after seeing the instances play out however you'd like them in your head, there's only one way to really do things, do actually do them and then you change your course after that happens.

I've been here and there with my blog for over a year now. I've been frustrated and I've been happy with it.

My initial reasons for building this blog included learning about laravel, using it as a playground to try laravel features, and to get more active about posting.

As I've said many times on this blog, I've had problems deploying things properly and recently I came to a realization that maybe deployment isn't the blocker but instead it's my own laziness, my own need to ramble on about things.

Plan forward
One of the ways I want to go forward is to have a good plan for the blog before I just take it offline.

  1. I'll work on archiving and saving all the posts.
  2. Move away from laravel to something else.
  3. Work on a new blog that's going to be powered by something else I'm learning at the time.

CSS variables are pretty cool

I was learning about CSS variables today and found a cool tutorial by Wes Bos in his 30 days of Javascript series:

And here's something made based off that:

January has been my most active coding month

Being busy at work is a different thing, lately, it's been a constant stream of work to keep me busy there.

In the past few years, the amount of code I was writing outside of work was slowly diminishing. In December, I realized that since I like spending learning about programming concepts, especially things that are wholly new to me, I wanted to do more of that. I also was trying to make sure I put aside some time to keep my personal projects active.

At first, it was a few days of activity and I kinda just gave up like I have been for as long as I can remember. Then, starting January 2nd, I decided to just commit something and I just edited my dot repo and the next day I made a couple of changes to my homepage. This was the beginning and as the days went on, I kept writing more and more things. Now, I have a few active things I am working on and I'm feeling good about it.

Data and this blog
For over a year now, my data server ( has been a star out of my projects. It's not even that great but I love putting time aside to work on it. Then awhile ago in 2017, I just took it offline and the data is still there but I didn't want to work on it anymore.
Now, as time has passed on, I know what the problem is with data and this blog. Both of these projects have a hard deployment process.

A solution in sight
I googled around and asked a few friends and I got a good suggestion from a friend of mine, "don't worry about dockerizing right now, concentrate on building something and deploy it with simple scripts". And in hindsight, this is a good idea, especially for small projects. I'm not a good devops since I only have limited experience with it based on some personal projects.

When I was building the Coins project, I realized it is one of those projects that just got a good start. I'm using Vue.js which makes it a breeze to start developing and that has led to a pleasant enough experience that I'm actively developing and deploying.

I want to rewrite both this blog and data but I'm waiting on getting a good grasp of what I even want these things to be.

My first post on Medium

I published an introduction to crypto trading post on Medium because I felt like it was a good place to talk about it and I also like the formatting on Medium. I think I would make my own blog look like Medium more once I start working on it again. Right now, I'm trying not to touch my blog because the features I want to add are mostly aesthetics.

Getting started with trading Crypto, and finding your next coin to trade (Medium)

A projects page

Now I'm starting to work on small projects/experiments during the week so I created a projects page that will house links to these different projects.

Check it out here: Projects