The Sky naming scheme

Democritus Among the Abderitans by François-André Vincent (France, Paris, 1746-1816)
France, circa 1784 (?)

I wanted to share my naming scheme for my devices. I was bored by the basic “Muhammad’s iPhone” and “Muhammad’s 4th MacBook Pro” names so I wanted to come up with something a bit more interesting.

At first, I tried something like the names of planets but it became pretty limiting and was also very vague somehow. Like I had no idea what was “Saturn” and what was “Jupiter”. Then I tried colors (blue, black, white) and that was way too simple to remember anything.

So as I was listening to one of my favorite songs by A Tribe Called Quest, “Skypager” I thought to name my iPhone “Sky Pager”. The space is there to make sure devices like my Bluetooth headphones and Alexa pronounce it correctly.

Do you know the importance of a skypager?

Those who don’t believe, see you’re laid behind
Got our skypagers on all the time

“Skypager” by A Tribe Called Quest

For a song from 1991, it’s amazing that almost 30 years later, an iPhone is an important device you can dedicate a whole song to and possibly record the song on the iPhone as well. The lyrics in the Tribe song are just as applicable today as they were in 1991,

Moving on…

For awhile, it was just my iPhone that had the name with “Sky” in it. But then I realized, there are some other interesting names like Skynet that are futurist, interesting, and unique. Skynet became the name for my wifi setup and it fits nicely with the theme that it’s providing the internet for all my devices and carries the “Sky” prefix. There’s also my Chromecast which is “Skycast” which I’m very happy with 😊.

I also tried “Skypad” for my iPad but it didn’t sit right with me so I decided to go with Democritus.

The most made up name I have is “Skyphonics” that I gave to my headphones.

I still don’t know what to name my  Watch but I’m thinking of giving the MacBook the name “Skybook” but not 100% sold on that, yet.