I got an e-bike

Kristen has gifted me an e-bike for Christmas this year! It’s a huge thing since I was going to wait another year or so before saving enough to buy an e-bike myself.

When I was in Europe, I tried e-bikes and I was super curious about them.

I looking at many options, like the RadRover (at around $1700) and Vanmoof (over $2500) but I was feeling like these would be too expensive if I’m not going to ride them often enough. The biggest change I read about online from owners of e-bikes is that they start riding more b/c hills become easier and going anywhere is usually as fast if not faster than a car. In Portland, that’s definitely true!

There’s a few blocks where you have to climb before reaching my house and it always was a dreadful part for coming back on the regular bike. I tried riding up that hill yesterday and it felt very easy.

Kristen got me the Tenways CGO600 which is a great bike overall (although their mobile app is not great). Here’s a photo of it from their website:

I will post more photos of it once I have some better shots of it outside on rides.

Some of the interesting specs this bike has are below: