Hello from the Burrow

In 2018, I moved my home-brewed blog to Wordpress and I named it Treefingers, after the Radiohead song. And over the past five years, I've been occasionally posting, keyword being "occasionally". There were times where I did not enjoy posting mainly due to issues with my instance of Wordpress.

After moving to Ghost last week, I've been enjoying writing posts on the fly, adding in drafts as ideas and then actually finishing posts relatively quickly.

I wanted to take a bit of time and think over what my ideal blogging presence would be? And this is what I've come up with so far:

  • A semi-regular posting cadence, nothing forced or required but sort of life updates plus capturing shower thoughts, project updates, notes on experiments, food recipes.
  • A place where my old ideas and thoughts live on even if they were ill-informed, ignorant, or naïve.
  • When traveling, it can be a place to share the trip overall, not just photos but recommendations, my itinerary, post-trip thoughts.
  • Possibly a place where news and slice of life notes are shared that might not be covered by large media companies.
  • Completely open to readers, search engine crawlers, and archivists. To prevent the loss of information over time.
  • Notes can be of any size and of anything so there's no minimum or maximum constraint on what the writing should entail.

Naming this blog

I felt like "Treefingers" was a gloomy name with a mystique to it and with that it did not serve as an inviting place to readers. I chose the name "Notes from the Burrow" because over the last year, my office has become the "burrow" at home. It's downstairs, subterranean (about half of it is underground and the other half is above ground), and it reminds me of a cozy place to hang out.

I got the idea for this name from Watership Down, in which the rabbits are going burrow to burrow and through warrens. Since it's one of my favorite books and the communication between the main group and other characters was so sparse, it got me thinking "what if they had a way to communicate, send notes from a burrow to the next?" and eventually the name just sounded nice to me.

Characters of the burrow

The posts in this blog will be all written by me but will feature people in my life, including my wife Kristen, my pets Samson and Heisenberg, my neighbors, friends (online and offline), and projects and companies I'm familiar with.

Cover: Rabbits on a Log (1897) by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait (1819-1905)