The hot and cold with Wordpress

oof, I am writing this reluctantly and after a frustrating few minutes. I try to write once a week or so but some times when I log on to write, I get distracted by notifications like “update a theme” or “update multiple plugins” and I will forget to write about some thing that was on my mind.

But recently, it has gotten a bit more frustrating with that fact that I will lose connection to the blog if the mysql server is not connected.

This got me thinking about all the good things and bad things about using wordpress. The list of good things is enormous.

Good things

  1. Good writing experience
  2. Automatic updates, continuously updated and maintained
  3. Tons of themes available
  4. Widely used on the internet
  5. Uses minimal resources and works for my use case
  6. Server rendered with no maintenance needed from me.
  7. I can email it new blog posts, this is one of my favorite features.

Bad things

  1. Requires some maintenance that I’d like to not perform
  2. Requires a server even if I have minimal traffic
  3. Can be slow once in awhile due to a few of the core services running on the same machine, i.e. the database and PHP server.
  4. Writing experience feels forced and awkward some times if I’m trying to add more in-depth content, like embeds or videos. Photo layouts are weird.

So, I go through these ups and downs with WordPress but I’m not ready to give up on it. I think what I need to do is build another theme that will keep me busy and distracted for a bit 😄.