A better shortcut for emojis on macOS

I just saw the new MX Keys Mini, it’s a $100 non-mechanical keyboard but one of its primary marketing touts is that it comes with an emoji key:

The emoji key as F7 on the MX Mini

I love to use custom keyboard shortcuts for basically everything and of my least favorite shortcuts is the ⌘ + ⇧ + Space to bring up the Emojis & Symbols floating menu.

So if you’d like to change your emojis menu shortcut follow the steps below:

  1. Open up the Keyboard settings (in System Preferences)
  2. Go to “Shortcuts”
  3. For “App Shortcuts” add a new one (using the + button)
  4. Set it for “All Applications” and then type in “Emoji & Symbols” and for the shortcut, set whatever you’d like it to be. 😊