Setting up Vim (with Neovim)



brew install neovim


sudo apt install neovim

Local settings for project specific changes

For directory-specific vim settings, you can use .vimrc but when using neovim, you’ll need to use .nvimrc instead.

To get it all working, add the following to your init.nvim file:

set exrc
set secure

Using set secure will disable/disallow using autocmd settings

In the directory with vim settings, add an .nvimrc file.

I was struggling with this b/c I was using .vimrc for neovim which didn’t work for me.

Useful shortcuts / usage tips

Centering text in view

Using z you can either center by using z. or z<return> (z<CR>) will go to the top.



Error on execute python script: request error nvim_command - Vim(pyxfile):E319: No "python3" provider found. Run ":checkhealth provider"

Solution: install pynvim using: pip3 install --user pynvim

Make sure to have python3 installed before doing this.