Timeline by Michael Crichton


I just finished listening to the audiobook version of Timeline by Michael Crichton, narrated by Stephen Lang. It’s another novel I had no idea about going in and the last one I did that with was Dragon Teeth also by Michael Crichton. I was blown away by Dragon Teeth since it was so engaging and it felt like an odd prequel to Jurassic Park even though it had nothing to do with it.

Overall, this has to be one of my less liked book by Michael Crichton as the world building in the beginning was pretty great, especially the first few chapters but eventually it became a bit too sparse for my liking. I like to listen to fiction as audiobooks because if the book contains a lot of world building, it feels very immersive to me. This did feel like that at first but as the novel progressed, especially when the characters were in a new environment, the world building had subsided too much for my liking.

If I was to recommend books by Michael Crichton, this wouldn’t make the list. ☹️