Things I read and liked in January 2024

I've been busy over the last week so I haven't been able to write this post but I wanted to share my favorite things I discovered over the last month, and a few things I just want to highlight.

Things I read

Something I think about but I thought it was just me.

Why Is Everything So Ugly? | The Editors
Dodging huge grilles we walk on, pulled by ugliness toward a gentrified retail strip. Here the violence of the new ugliness comes more fully into focus. The ruling class seized cities and chose to turn them into . . . this?

Dan Luu talks about how a favorite tool of a writer/creator online doesn't translate to what other people and especially the masses like to use. Twitter has a ton of lurkers but writing on twitter is a pain.

Why do people post on [bad platform] instead of [good platform]?

I thought this was gonna be another corporate fuck up but no:

Why Are Alaska’s Rivers Turning Orange?
Streams in Alaska are turning orange with iron and sulfuric acid. Scientists are trying to figure out why

This is a hard read but I think it's important to see someone take a stand:

I can’t sleep
I can’t sleep. I’m lying in bed every night, and images of Gaza are running through my head. Fathers holding their babies, dead, caked in dust. Bombs dropped on homes [1], on hospitals [2], on schools [3]. Tens of thousands of dead [4] in indiscriminate bombings [5]. Children crying, pulling

My favorite app in January

This post was mostly written in Obsidian, I've been using it a lot over the last year and I wanted to share it. I really like the app for stripping away a lot of the UI and making writing the focus. There's a command palette that pops up with ⌘ + P and a file opener that pops up with ⌘ + O. This app is slowly moving me away from Notion.

Obsidian - Sharpen your thinking
Obsidian is the private and flexible note‑taking app that adapts to the way you think.

A nice font

I found Gambarino at some point and bookmarked it, I put together the following graphic to show how nice this font is. Unfortunately, only one weight if available for free. Gambarino on FontShare →.

I'll collect more things to share next month.