Some Bulleh Shah mentions in recent music

“Recent” might be a stretch but I wanted to collect my favorite songs where Bulleh Shah is directly or indirectly referenced. Indirectly would be that the song is either an adaptation of his work or uses the elements of his writing to make the lyrics or music stand out.

First off, the earliest to do it a long time ago in the 1990s, Junoon:

Junoon did an amazing rock rendition of the song to the point where very recently I realized that it was referencing Bulleh Shah.

And now, Rabbi Shergill’s amazing taunt here:

The Rabbi Shergill one is worth watching as a music video, it contains a lot of visual elements that really bring the lyrics to life.

The next one is an indirect reference, by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (NFAK) in this remix that appeared later on:

There are dozens of songs by NFAK which are either poems by Bulleh Shah or references to characters and themes of Bulleh Shah.

And here’s another one that’s by Junoon: