Snow in Portland

Last Wednesday night and into Thursday, we got a bunch snow in Portland. Some measurements on the news said it was around 10-11 inches of snow. Around my house, it looked to be about 5-7 inches and outside our house, all the roads were covered in white.

It was a dangerous few days, cars were slipping everywhere, people were falling down, and luckily I got away with no injuries.

It was an odd sight to see how pretty much everything comes to a standstill when the roads are blocked by ice and snow. It gave me a few moments where I thought to myself, “this would be a bit easier with more public transit” or “if only I could walk everywhere I needed to be…”. We are fortunate to have a Safeway grocery store near our place which made getting essentials and pet food pretty easy. But it did stick with me the whole weekend that there will be people stranded without food or other essentials.

The silence of it all within the snow reminded me of This Will Destroy You’s “The Might Rio Grande” and I listened to it many times as it felt like some times you can’t overcome nature.