Snow in Portland, 2024

Snow in Portland, 2024

It's our annual snowstorm in Portland, a week where the whole city just shuts down and braces for the snow. We got snow on Saturday (Jan 13th) and today's Thursday and there's still snow on the ground.

Here's the temperatures for the past few days:

The days after the snow, we stayed under freezing temperatures which made things unbearably cold and on Tuesday, Jan 16th, we got some hail and rain which froze overnight. That frozen rain created a layer of ice on top of the snow which is pretty much the slippery thing I've ever experienced!

Below's a video of me trying to walk in those conditions:

This year made me realize I need the following things for the next year:

  • Some salt to put on our stairs and other high traffic areas around the house, like the steps on the deck in the back.
  • Get something with traction for my shoes
  • Have a snow shovel