Serving Vue.js apps on Github Pages

I wanted to share a pretty simple setup on how to serve a Vue.js app using Github Pages. I’m writing this because I had to search around online for awhile before I stumbled upon the Vue.js docs and then had to play with some settings in Github.

For this exercise, I’ll use a sample project you can find here:

So let’s start from the beginning. Let’s use Vue CLI to create an app.

  • Install Vue CLI:
  • Create an app using the above (instructions on the above page): vue create sample-vue-app
  • When you’re prompted with the options for the app, you can choose whatever you want, I went with the default (eslint, babel) setup.
  • After the app is created, cd into the directory and then run npm run serve. If you see the following page, you’re good to go:
  • At this point, let’s configure the vue.config.js file. For reference, I’m using this documentation to set this up:
  • Your config should look like the following
module.exports = {
  publicPath: "/serve-vue-app",
  outputDir: "docs"
  • Save the file and run npm run serve. You should see the localhost URL change to include the publicPath as part of it. This is one way to confirm it’s working.
  • Next, we’ll set up github to serve this. Commit the files and push up to github.
  • After you’ve pushed up the files, go to the repo’s settings
  • Look for the “Github Pages” section and you’ll see something like the following
  • You’ll see the option to serve from the master branch but not from the “master branch /docs folder”. This is because we haven’t built anything for the app.
  • To fix this, just run npm run build in the app folder on your computer.
  • After the build runs, you’ll see a new folder created (it should be called docs).
  • Add this to git, commit and push up. Then you’ll see the docs option available:

After you select this, give github 2-3 minutes to finish building the page and then it will have the URL in the header or just go to whatever URL you configured and keep refreshing 😛.

That’s it, you’re done! Please leave comments if you run into any issues or caught an error with my steps. Thanks!