Saturday morning Indian news and music

When I was a kid, we would wake up on Saturday mornings and there would be a few hours worth of Indian news and music on. It was a variety of things. As we had breakfast, chai and roti we would be hanging out either in the kitchen or in the living room (where the TV was) and watch it.

This was in the late 90s and early 2000s, I was about 8-10.

On the weekdays, the mornings were spent getting ready for school and if you woke up way earlier than the other siblings, you could watch a little bit of cartoons but on the weekends, the whole family was watching South Asian entertainment.

Even with the magic of the internet, I can’t find a clip of the news or the music segments. The music is easy to find now, you’d have popular Bollywood songs sprinkled throughout the few hours as breaks between cultural segments or news segments.

It was a small little thing connecting us back to South Asian as we were new to the US back then.

One of my favorite things I still remember was a Punjabi man would come on to tell us about his restaurant and grocery store located on Stevens Creek Blvd, in “San Jooooose!!!” and he made sure to extend the “Jose” and make it sound as desi as possible.