Reintroducing Redirector

Awhile ago, I was trying to link a list from my a Notion doc, in mobile apps this is usually referred to as deep linking. On web, most apps don't do this because you're never sure if the user is on the expected operating system when you try to deep link. In my case, I knew that I am going to be on a Mac and my links will be going to intended places but when I tried to add the link Notion, it didn't allow the link to be set on any content.

I understand preventing non-http(s) from being added to docs is a security measure but in some cases, some users will want to link to apps.

How to use Redirector

My use case is super simple and so I came up with a way to redirect these links in a quick click:

  1. Append your link to the static page: link here.
  2. When it's clicked, two things will happen
    1. If it's a scheme for an app on your computer, it will prompt to open that. Otherwise you'll get redirected to a regular website.
    2. After 5 seconds, the page will close. (This breaks in some browsers)

Use cases

The following few cases is what I use it for:

  • Redirect to a list to quickly add a todo item. Things uses the things:// scheme for deep linking.
  • Go from Notion to Linear or vice versa. Notion uses notion:// and Linear uses linear:// but for Linear, linked to the website will also redirect to the desktop app.
  • Redirect from Google Docs / Sheets to Notion.

You can try it out yourself:

If you're not sure what the app scheme URL is for a certain app, you can check out this list for more info, app-urls.