Recording set up #1

I've been really thinking about how different aspects of my life can play together. Recently, as my burnout from work has faded and I've started to recover from thoughts of "not having to work" or to be "productive" all day long, I've started to consider things that are fun and just enjoyable instead of "will this thing pay me something?"

And with that, I've also been really thinking about where I want to spend my time.

I have had a long and tumultuous relationship with documenting life. It has gone from being obsessed with recording every moment on my camera to not having even snapshots of things for months. These days, I've started to look for that healthy balance of recording some things and just enjoying some things that don't need to be recorded.

With that said, I am also looking at how the fact that I don't want to be spending tons of money on recording setups just to get crappy videos and considering what my options are for this. First, I was looking at a tripod for my iPhone. I could've gone with a cheaply made flexible leg tripod for about 20-30 bucks on Amazon but then I considered looking at Craigslist and I happened to find a DJI Osmo Mobile 3 listed for $60 and I paid $50 for it. The purpose of this thing is to stabilize the iPhone using some motors and it's able to hold up the iPhone pretty well.

Below is a time lapse video of me removing the carpet from my office:

With the stand just sitting there on a chair, I'm able to record a pretty stable video (time lapse in this case) without worrying about how to mount it or if it's leveled properly.

Next, I will need to figure out a good mic setup.