Recent small projects

In the past few months, whenever I’ve run into a new technology or platform I want to try, I try to make something using this. This started mainly with Cloudflare technologies like Workers and DNS stuff but now has turned into small projects that offer a bit of practicality and are using other platforms as well like

Link shortener

This link shortener I have wanted to build for awhile, whenever I learn some technology I leave it half done after I feel like I’ve understood and made my decision about the tech (am I going to use it or no?). But with cloudflare workers, it was a no brainer to keep it running.
One tidbit about this project: when I was done putting together the Cloudflare Workers part, I felt uninspired to do the webpage for it so all of the code for the webpage was generated using Copilot.

QR creator

This project is dead simple in what it does but again, it was used to test out a new platform, in this case I have some projects on DigitalOcean (like this blog) but I wanted to give a try since they give you about $5 worth of credits to use for your projects for free every month.
The way this one works is simple, you give it some text and it will produce a QR code image for it.
✨ A good way to use this is within a excel or Google Sheet that passes something from a column and expects an image output from the URL. Example sheet here →


This one is a bit older but it’s one of those things that once it’s working, it’s just going to keep running until I decide to break it. With this one, it’s best to use for redirecting within apps that don’t allow non-http(s) URLs, like Google Docs and Notion.

I’m going to collect these and others onto one single page for easier searching for the future.