Keychron's Q1 vs V1

This was posted before the release of the V1, the price is now added at the end of this post.

So I was browsing the Keychron website today and I noticed that there’s yet another 75% keyboard called the V1. It’s launching soon and there’s no info on price yet. The marketing page says it will launch in July, 2022. It’s very similar to the Q1 but there are a few differences.

Below are both keyboards compared, the main difference between the two seems to be the padding to dampening the sound and change the way it feels when you type.

On the marketing page for the V1, it says:

with tray mount design, hot-swappable, frosted black case

I’m looking forward to the frosted black case, hopefully there’s some other color options as well.

Update: the V1 is out now, the price starts at $64 for the barebones version and for a fully assembled one with a knob it's at $94 which is significantly cheaper than the Q1. See it here.