February and March roundups

The past two months have gone by so fast, I can't believe it. And it's all been in a very good kind of way of time passing. The kind where you're busy everyday and come Friday, you're surprised the week went by so quick and the Sunday scaries don't really exist. I believe it's been a combination of finding satisfaction in my work, taking care of myself, having a pretty good schedule, and taking breaks often enough that most things don't feel like a burden.

Well, in this post, I wanted to collect and post some things I've been enjoying over the past two months.

My favorite website has been with Linear. It's been a huge help at work getting me organized and the user experience is next level, everything just makes sense. The keyboard shortcuts are intuitive and there are so many of them too. The command+K menu is very well designed and makes me want to build one into anything I'm working on now.

I haven't finished too many books but the ones I really enjoyed are the first two in the Murderbot Dairies, All Systems Red and Artificial Condition. Both books I listened as audiobooks and each took me less than 2 days because they're short and very face paced.

This is a short post b/c I didn't really collect many things to share over the past two months. But I wanted to post this before it got away from me.