Category: Travel

  • My trip to Europe, testing positive for covid

    I knew I should’ve written this post as I was traveling, there are so many little details I have forgotten or deem unimportant now to write about but my past self was not as insightful as I am right now. About two weeks ago, at the beginning of October, Kristen and I traveled to Europe. […]

  • North, or some reflections on sitting and staring at things in my office

    Whenever I listen to “North” by Phoenix, I’m reminded of sitting at my doctor’s office, the quietness only filled with an instrumental that builds and builds until a howl. Right now, I’m sitting listening to it and it’s on my “Upside Down” playlist created by Spotify. And at times like this, I think to myself, […]

  • I moved to Portland 🌲

    Last week, I left Oakland, California and moved to Portland, Oregon. It’s a huge move for me and Kristen along with the pets but we wanted to try a new city while we can. Working remotely enables to move. I don’t have many impressions to share yet except it’s cold as it’s the middle of […]

  • In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson

    I recently finished listening to Bill Bryon’s In a Sunburned Country. Narrated by Bill Bryson himself. It’s a fun listen, I haven’t listened to or read books that are formatted like a travel log before so this was my first time doing that. It’s very calming and pleasant to listen to someone just talk about […]