Category: TIL

  • TIL: null is an object in Javascript

    I’ve been in a lull about learning concepts related to programming and web development the past few months so yesterday when I got an email about Just Javascript, I signed up for the course to check out how it will be. So far, I’m running into pleasant surprises like how there are only nine data […]

  • TIL: polling rates for keyboards

    I was setting up my GMMK Pro keyboard over the weekend and I ran into an interesting feature in the Glorious Core software, “polling rate” which is the first time I’ve seen this feature. I went looking around and from reddit I got linked to this Geekhack thread: Keyboard polling rate Simply put, the keyboard’s […]

  • TIL: using my own blog as a knowledge DB with Google as the search engine

    Today, I saw Simon Willison’s “One year of TILs” post on HN (which itself was inspired by Josh Branchaud’s collection) where he mentions writing blog posts that come from small tidbits of knowledge. For a long time, I’ve dabbled in keeping notes in Notion, text files edited with vim, and a bunch of native mac […]