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  • An introduction to music by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

    This post was written in 2018 and has been sitting in my Drafts for over 3 years. I decided to write this after realizing it’s going to get deleted if I don’t get to it. When I discover new music, I love to go the extra few steps of finding out more about the musician, […]

  • “Carnival Jump” by Sandy Bull

    I’ve been listening to Sandy Bull since I first discovered his music through a now defunct music service called Songza. It’s a tragedy that Google shut down Songza because their expertly curated playlists were top notch. The playlist I found Sandy Bull and similar artists was part of a genre called American Primitivism or “America […]

  • Summer 2021 projects

    The past few months have been a mix of productive and lazy days. Some days, I got up and was focused for most hours, got some work done and also some personal tasks done and others were a wash. But overall, I think the pandemic’s languishing feelings are starting to subside as I try to […]

  • Tracy – Mogwai

    This song has stuck with me for awhile and this morning I really liked listening to it so I wanted to share it: Mogwai has a good post rock sound and I love some other songs by them too. The intro of this song really interests me. And the name of the song is a […]

  • The Sky naming scheme

    I wanted to share my naming scheme for my devices. I was bored by the basic “Muhammad’s iPhone” and “Muhammad’s 4th MacBook Pro” names so I wanted to come up with something a bit more interesting. At first, I tried something like the names of planets but it became pretty limiting and was also very […]

  • Music trends, from 2010 to 2019

    I wanted to share the music that I have found and loved over the past 10 years. In a trend form so less about a single artist and more about genres of music because that seemed be to the easiest way to summarize my music spanning over ten years. Each trend has an accompanying Spotify […]

  • With love from Novigrad

    This is not a game review but more of a collection of thoughts about a game in a very subjective and personal way. This contains spoilers about the game! For this past Christmas, Kristen surprised me with an Xbox One X and I also got The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gifted to me. At first, […]

  • Sunday vibes playlist

    I wanted to share a playlist I’m putting together, a bunch of random songs grouped together from my Sunday morning. 

  • Chill song for relaxing

  • Thoughts on the Spotify IPO

    When Spotify announced their IPO awhile ago, I was surprised they were even going for an IPO because of their financials. I'm not going to make this post a deep dive into the financials of Spotify but more on a layperson's thoughts on something like this IPO. I've used Spotify since the very first day […]