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  • Building something is hard, getting someone to use what you built is even harder

    I’ve been making steady progress on BoardSearch but it seems like at this point, I am having a hard time getting users to use the website. I think it’s mainly due to this website mainly being for myself to scratch my own itch. I’m not even sure there are many people out there who want […]

  • Introducing BoardSearch, a single place to find and track keyboards

    Earlier this year, I was jumping between a bunch of projects and I finally decided to hunker down and focus on one project. I approached this project for two main reasons, one to scratch my own itch of not being able to find a keyboard with exactly the specs I’m looking for. The second reason […]

  • North, or some reflections on sitting and staring at things in my office

    Whenever I listen to “North” by Phoenix, I’m reminded of sitting at my doctor’s office, the quietness only filled with an instrumental that builds and builds until a howl. Right now, I’m sitting listening to it and it’s on my “Upside Down” playlist created by Spotify. And at times like this, I think to myself, […]

  • Keychron V1 is out, pre-built knob version for $84

    This is a nice looking keyboard. If I wasn’t typing this post from a GMMK Pro which is essentially the same board as the V1 but 3× the price, I’d probably just get one of these boards. Direct link to the keyboard:

  • Keychron’s Q1 vs V1

    So I was browsing the Keychron website today and I noticed that there’s yet another 75% keyboard called the V1. It’s launching soon and there’s no info on price yet. The marketing page says it will launch in July, 2022. It’s very similar to the Q1 but there are a few differences. Below are both […]

  • NuPhy Air75 review

    I bought the Air75 from Nuphy as a gift for Kristen. It’s a low-profile wireless mechanical keyboard that comes Gatreon switches. The switch options are Blue, Red, or Brown. I got her the red switches due to their linear mechanism. I don’t have many thoughts about this keyboard because at $75, it sits perfectly in […]

  • Summer 2021 projects

    The past few months have been a mix of productive and lazy days. Some days, I got up and was focused for most hours, got some work done and also some personal tasks done and others were a wash. But overall, I think the pandemic’s languishing feelings are starting to subside as I try to […]

  • GMMK Pro build, with MT3 Dasher keycaps

    I’ve been putting off writing this post for a long time. One reason is that I wanted to use the keyboard for awhile before writing about it. Official page for the GMMK Pro -> So today, I sat down and wanted to write this post. Background on the GMMK Pro keyboard The pre-order for this […]

  • TIL: polling rates for keyboards

    I was setting up my GMMK Pro keyboard over the weekend and I ran into an interesting feature in the Glorious Core software, “polling rate” which is the first time I’ve seen this feature. I went looking around and from reddit I got linked to this Geekhack thread: Keyboard polling rate Simply put, the keyboard’s […]