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  • NuPhy Air75 review

    I bought the Air75 from Nuphy as a gift for Kristen. It’s a low-profile wireless mechanical keyboard that comes Gatreon switches. The switch options are Blue, Red, or Brown. I got her the red switches due to their linear mechanism. I don’t have many thoughts about this keyboard because at $75, it sits perfectly in […]

  • Summer 2021 projects

    The past few months have been a mix of productive and lazy days. Some days, I got up and was focused for most hours, got some work done and also some personal tasks done and others were a wash. But overall, I think the pandemic’s languishing feelings are starting to subside as I try to […]

  • GMMK Pro build, with MT3 Dasher keycaps

    I’ve been putting off writing this post for a long time. One reason is that I wanted to use the keyboard for awhile before writing about it. Official page for the GMMK Pro -> So today, I sat down and wanted to write this post. Background on the GMMK Pro keyboard The pre-order for this […]

  • TIL: polling rates for keyboards

    I was setting up my GMMK Pro keyboard over the weekend and I ran into an interesting feature in the Glorious Core software, “polling rate” which is the first time I’ve seen this feature. I went looking around and from reddit I got linked to this Geekhack thread: Keyboard polling rate Simply put, the keyboard’s […]