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  • Wood by Rostam

    I love this song by Rostam, it has a warm sound to it and it reminds me of being between two cultures perfectly. I made a profile photo inspired by the album cover below:

  • A better shortcut for emojis on macOS

    I just saw the new MX Keys Mini, it’s a $100 non-mechanical keyboard but one of its primary marketing touts is that it comes with an emoji key: I love to use custom keyboard shortcuts for basically everything and of my least favorite shortcuts is the ⌘ + ⇧ + Space to bring up the…

  • TIL: checkout the previous branch using git checkout –

    If you want to check out a branch you had checked out right before switching to the current branch (usually during merges from main this will happen).

  • Clearing and resetting dock on macOS

    You can clear the dock’s persistent items (default apps that show up on dock) by running the following: You can reset the dock using: Note: it might not be necessary to kill the dock but I needed to run that on Monterey.

  • And then there were none, by Agatha Christie

    I just finished reading this murder mystery for Halloween. Took me a little over a month to finish it so it was perfect timing. It didn’t have too much of a spooky vibe but the murder mystery aspect is great. I was completely confused until the epilogue.

  • My favorite photo subjects

    I’m attempting to pick up my camera more often and take photos of things around me. And I realized, my two favorite subjects to shoot are my pets. I’ve always liked taking photos of them as having a gray cat is the perfect gray card to have around. Having a black dog is not the…

  • Neck pain

    In the past few weeks, my neck pain has been more of a mental burden than a physical one. I’m writing this as an exercise in therapy for myself and hopefully to remind myself (and anyone reading this) to sit upright, take breaks, and don’t take your body for granted. I’ve been thinking about what…

  • Using styled-components with next.js

    I’ve been trying to learn some typescript and as part of building something with it, I’ve also started using next.js for easier react set up. I ran into an issue where styled-components were not loading in the browser but they were not throwing an error in my editor or the build log. So after some…

  • Languishing

    “Looking for bliss in a blah day” — Adam Grant

  • Weekend project update 2: simple URL shortening

    Yesterday’s work was mostly focused on routing, getting the app set up, and making sure my environment is working. Today’s goal was to get the URL shortening working and that was pretty easy. I used basic crypto hashing to generate the short URL and then chopped it off. You can see the code here →