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  • Star Wars progress bar in Spotify

    A little easter egg for May 4th:

  • Using Numi app for calculations

    I’ve used the Calculator app on the iPhone for as long as I’ve had a smartphone and I think on the computer, it’s a weird thing that’s been missing for a long time. Recently, Apple brought the Calculator app to Mac but I don’t think it’s as useful as I want it to be so […]

  • Realforce R2 vs Epomaker’s Niz Plum x87

    About two weeks ago, I made a reservation for the [GMMK Pro] keyboard from Glorious. At first glance, I liked the keyboard and then watching reviews of it online, I really started to like the way it was put together. My favorite keyboard layout is the simple 80% or TKL, which is a normal layout […]

  • Doing the laundry

    I am doing my regular laundry today and I gathered together all the masks we wear around the house to go outside. This is a weird realization to come to, I have a little mess bag that I put the masks in to wash them. A weird timeline indeed.

  • A little harvest of peppers

    Kristen grew them last year and they just stayed on the plant, in the ground the whole time.

  • Blogging from Ulysses

    I’ve been enjoying blogging from my phone by emailing to my blog, it’s the most straight-forward way to get thoughts published. I’ve also been writing a lot more inside Day One and iA Writer on my phone (for quick thoughts that don’t need to see the daylight). Today, I saw that Ulysses updated to version […]

  • Jugni — Rabbi Shergill

    I forget about this song for long periods of time since it’s not on Spotify. There’s a lot of substance in this song and it’ll be hard for me properly cover through translations but there are a few lines I’d like to summarize. A personal take on this song Jugni goes to her country, where […]

  • Nomadland is really good

    I hadn’t watched any trailers or read any synopsis before watching the movie so I didn’t know what to expect. I really enjoyed it.

  • Happy St. Patrick’s day from Samson

  • Bought a 5 TB hard drive

    I bought a 5 TB hard drive for my PS5 and now I’m thinking it might’ve been overkill since it only stores PS4 games.