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  • Challa 9 9 9

    Oh Challa pa-ya ਹੋ ਛੱਲਾ ਨੌ ਨੌ ਤੇਵੇ, ਹੋ ਛੱਲਾ ਨੌ ਨੌ ਤੇਵੇ There’s a lot of covers of this song, especially the well known version by Gurdas Maan. The original really sits strongly as a soulful piece of art it is. Here’s the Gardas Maan version: The earliest version I could find on Spotify […]

  • A photo of Vital Signs from the 90s I found on twitter

    I just want to save this photo of Vital Signs after they recorded their 2nd album in Kirachi, Pakistan.

  • Coloring book was good

    To my slow eyes and ears, Chance the Rapper came and went so quickly, I had a feeling music was about to get a different flavor of hip hop but it felt so short-lived. There was a short of bright music that came from him and now I’m looking around to find it but it […]

  • Centralized means you might lose access to your decentralized assets

    I recently watched a TikTok in which an interviewer asks a person if they believe Bitcoin is a scam. The answer is a well articulated reply in which the interviewee mentions that the idea behind Bitcoin is great, it started out as a decentralized network that is/was a pioneer in proving an asset can be […]

  • Ditching Notion for logseq + obsidian, so long to proprietary formats

    I’ve decided to not renew my Notion subscription after being a customer for 4-5 years now. I consider myself to be a pro user of the Notion app and have been a huge proponent of the product in general since they launched. It was a great alternative to incumbents at the time like Evernote and […]

  • Spending a week with my parents

    The past week, up until last night, I was spending time with my parents. This is the first time I’ve spent significant time with my parents since I moved out almost a decade ago. It lined up nicely with Eid al-Fitr which happened last Monday. The first half was spent in California, visiting my parents […]

  • The bygone photos of people in offices

    I am visiting the New York City office for my work this week. I am tagging along Kristen on her work trip and decided to into the office. It’s similar to the San Francisco office, has most of the elements, albeit toned down a ton and the population is sparse due to the pandemic. I’m […]

  • Ameno Amapiano Remix by Nektunez and Goya Menor

    I found this song on tik tok, like most songs I discover these days 😆

  • A retro on the Bookends alpha

    From December to February, I was pushing hard on building out the Bookends app, especially during the end of year break that gave me about 10 days to work on it while being off work. It acted as a catalyst allowing me to launch a working version of the website and then start adding features. […]

  • After years, I bought a personal MacBook

    The last time I bought a macbook was in 2010. It was a 13″ Macbook Pro at the base specs. It was great, lasted me a couple of years and then I passed it on to a friend. Last month, I decided to order a new macbook, the ones with M1 chips. I got a […]