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  • Building something is hard, getting someone to use what you built is even harder

    I’ve been making steady progress on BoardSearch but it seems like at this point, I am having a hard time getting users to use the website. I think it’s mainly due to this website mainly being for myself to scratch my own itch. I’m not even sure there are many people out there who want […]

  • Introducing BoardSearch, a single place to find and track keyboards

    Earlier this year, I was jumping between a bunch of projects and I finally decided to hunker down and focus on one project. I approached this project for two main reasons, one to scratch my own itch of not being able to find a keyboard with exactly the specs I’m looking for. The second reason […]

  • Playing around with DALL·E 2

    Earlier today, I got access to play around with OpenAI’s DALL·E 2, it’s a system to generate images in almost anything imaginable by taking in text input and generating a few variations of it. The more descriptive your prompt for the art, the more likely it will get the details. I’m going to use this […]

  • Finding a good theme for a WordPress blog is hard

    I’ve been looking around for a decent theme for the whole time I’ve had this WordPress blog. I’m experiencing a strong case of analysis paralysis, there are so many themes available for WordPress but also there’s a huge hole in the themes available. Most theme authors/creators market their themes as being very design heavy and […]

  • Defensive CSS and other tips

    Today while browsing Hacker News, I found Defensive CSS which is a collection of helpful CSS tricks to make sure you’re not breaking your UI. The website contains some very common pitfalls and their antidotes. Below are some other helpful sites: Flex Item from Lokesh Dhakar, an interactive flexbox UI to help you figure out […]

  • Going back on the note-taking options

    Awhile ago, I posted about how I was switching away from Notion which uses a proprietary file format to logseq and obsidian. In short, logseq for personal stuff and obsidian for work related things. Now about 2 months later, I’m back to report that logseq did not work out. It was oddly unusable for me […]

  • Setting up a Mac (with command line tools)

    It’s probably my 10th or 20th time setting up a computer and each time I start this process, I think to myself that I should be writing it all down so next time it’s easier for me and maybe it will get other some ideas on possible things they should check out. I’ll start with […]

  • After years, I bought a personal MacBook

    The last time I bought a macbook was in 2010. It was a 13″ Macbook Pro at the base specs. It was great, lasted me a couple of years and then I passed it on to a friend. Last month, I decided to order a new macbook, the ones with M1 chips. I got a […]

  • Connecting a relationship using a hook in Keystone.js 6

    I’m writing this for the weary internet traveler because I spent 3 hours debugging this and finally had some coffee ☕️ and figured it out after running into a ton of errors. This is my desired outcome: every time a user signs up for my app, I want to associate the “Reader” role with that […]

  • Gardening my projects

    For a long time, I’ve attempted to work on side projects outside of work and I have either lost the motivation or strived to build something too big to keep the momentum going. This did result in some sort of a weird burnout feeling within me. I have often felt like a project with good […]