Category: Bikes

  • I got an e-bike

    Kristen has gifted me an e-bike for Christmas this year! It’s a huge thing since I was going to wait another year or so before saving enough to buy an e-bike myself. When I was in Europe, I tried e-bikes and I was super curious about them. I looking at many options, like the RadRover […]

  • Dull lull in July

    I’ve been going through a slow time in July and I haven’t been very active on my computer besides using it for work at work. At home, I’ve just been keeping away from the computer almost full-time. There is some good news because of this, I’ve started to spend more time reading, doodling, eating, and […]

  • Getting my bike fitted by Pedro

    Today, I went to get my bike fitted by Pedro and I wanted to share some thoughts about the experience. I affectionally call my red Specialized Allez “Big Red” because it’s very bright red and it’s a beautiful bike. I bought this bike back in the end of 2012. It was my first bike purchase […]

  • The race to 1,000 miles

    In May, Kristen bought her new bike and we made a bet to get to 1,000 miles by the end of 2018. I’ve never ridden (rode?) this many miles before so this is a big undertaking.  I’m currently at ~ 318 miles while Kristen is at ~ 375 miles. I set up a quick tool […]