Bookends update, March 2019 #2


I’m standing here at my mac mini, with my head in my hands, frustrated yet laughing at myself. It’s been more than 3 months or whatever since I started working on this project and each time I finish working on a small feature, a bigger issue arises.

A couple of days ago, I rewrote the BookModel which was initially tightly coupled with the Amazon response but I realized I should make it less reliant on Amazon and more on the local cache I had already set up. Well, today, I was working on it and I realized it was so stupid of me to rely on Amazon at all. They’ve throttled my request for book search even though I was making something between 10-20 requests an hour if that, and all while doing development so maybe 200-300 request every week.

Well, I don’t want to just rant about Amazon. I have decided to start using OpenLibrary as it’s available to use and I will just need to update the BookModel slightly instead of rewriting it this time.


If you’d like to checkout Bookends right now, you can go to It’s not ready to be used by you’ll see updates from me here and there.