Apps I Use

This page is always under progress so please excuse typos, incomplete descriptions etc.

Apps I use on macOS and iOS

  1. Alfred (macOS, free with limited features, paid license available)
    Even with the improvements to Spotlight, nothing comes close to the full range of things Alfred can do with its fast search and quick shortcuts. It’s completely free with unlimited usage as a Spotlight replacement, but for additional features like clipboard history, snippets, and backing up are paid features. Best of all, you can make your own workflows (paid feature) that can be used to do a ton of different things on your computer.
  2. BetterTouchTool aka BTT (macOS, 45 day trial, paid license $10, lifetime license $22)
    This is one of those tools where it seems pointless to pay for at first. You can do a lot of the things BTT offers for free and using other tools like Karabiner Elements. But, the reason I want you to even try this tool is because how easy it makes customizing almost any aspect of inputs on your computer. You can customize keyboards, mice, touchbars, trackpads, and even stream decks. I think it fits perfectly on top of having a keyboard with many extra keys you don’t use or putting your function row keys to work.
  3. Magnet (macOS, $3)
    Window management is annoying at best in macOS so Magnet uses very sane defaults and allows you to manage your windows using either keyboard shortcuts or just snapping the window where you want it go. Want an app on the left side, just drag it over and Magnet will suggest the half vertical split. All the keyboard shortcuts can be modified in the app so that makes it easy to have consistent use across keyboards etc. Window management can be done using BTT but it’s very clunky, in my opinion, so I have used Magnet for at least 3 years now.