Apps I use to listen to audiobooks

I’ve posted about a couple of books I’ve recently finished by listening to them as audiobooks and I wanted to share how I go about doing this since buying audiobooks can be pricey (since you can’t find them used or cheaply on Amazon).

Last year, I subscribed to Audible, it was pretty good except when you want to listen to more than one book a month it was a bit inconvenient knowing that you’ve already paid for the month and used your 1 credit and now have to wait till the next month. I was hoping for more of a Netflix experience just because I’ve been spoiled by it.

So I found Libby which drastically changed how I listened to audiobooks. Libby lets you borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library with a few taps in the app! The best part about is automatic borrowing, this works like this: first you search for a book and if it’s not available to borrow (since the local library only has a limited number of digital copies), you put a hold on it, when the hold is ready to be borrowed, Libby will send you a notification/email informing you that the book has been checked out!

I have stopped using Audible as a primary audiobook platform since it’s very expensive and limited. The only enticing things interesting about Audible currently are the originals, but I have tons of audiobooks to listen to at the moment so don’t need more content now.

There’s one more way to listen to audiobooks that’s virtually free, Spotify. There are a bunch books that are mostly books with expired copyrights so English classics are pretty easy to find on here. Some Charles Dickens and even the whole Sherlock Holmes series are available on here but they’re a bit harder to bookmark and listen to since Spotify does everything by track so there’s no spot-keeping of any kind.