Add more whitespace

Recently, while working on BoardSearch and also while building anything related to my personal projects, the design trick I’ve been employing is adding more whitespace, be it margins, padding, or overall gaps around a component.

It’s not something I came up with, I learned it a lot through using Tailwind and I’m sure there’s been countless mentions of it in design courses/schools but I didn’t take those so it’s kinda coming together for me organically.

Here’s an example of the Account Settings page on BoardSearch that felt weird when I first put it together:

Hardly any whitespace and the components were mostly borrowed from Tailwind

Here it is after adding the whitespace that Tailwind defaults to:

There’s no new content or design element added, just whitespace.

It feels like the user experience is “breathable” in that you’re not focusing on what is related to what, things flow naturally.