Status update on one of the basil plants

My blog is a mundane updater for myself to keep logged, right now, I'm obsessed with a few basil plants I have that are going to their deaths. The first one I have that's been posted about before, that one I've decided to leave at my parents house. There's two others, one is planted in my backroom where I get sunshine at most for 2 hours per day, it does okay but it's really going up and down in its health very quickly, so that one, I'm going to uproot and let it die ☹️. The third one, it's the one that prompted me to buy neem oil since it was getting some aphids on it, turns out it's flourishing since the neem oil came in contact with its leaves and container, it also sits by a brighter window so it produces some useful leaves.

I will post pictures soon.

Muhammad Usman

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