Random color palette

Just trying to create a color palette using Sketch. Using this tutorial: link. »

Don't forget, no billboards in space

Don't forget, no billboards in space. Love, Carl »

Divergent bird


Car in the sand


Earth and Moon

This is something I was inspired to make by looking at some circular UIs during the day. The blurred orbit and other blurs in this were all something I discovered »

Everyday objects: Anchor charger

I was feeling a bit slow today, so I decided to just make a replica of a charger I have by Anker. Actual device »

Small mountains in California


Messing with colors in Sketch

These past few days, I've been messing with shapes and colors in Sketch. This is something I was working on a few minutes ago: Updated with what I like as »

Every direction is north

This is a cropped version of the San Francisco mosaic. Enjoy this song! »

Started watching Seinfeld today

So today, I watched the first episode of Seinfeld. The first episode was hilarious, it made me laugh out loud multiple times in its 20 some minutes. I'm going to »