Silk free play

A link on hacker news posted today was called Silk which I had never seen (#1 reason reposts are not bad). So I started messing around »

Sketch icon replicas

I was a bit itching to just sit and mess around in Sketch today so I came up with a few replica or modification of some »

The whistling song

About a month ago I was in Dr Martens store in Haight, and I heard this very very good catchy tune. It was catchy because each »

Density-independent pixels, a measurement unit for screens

Today, I was reading through the Material Design spec and I came across a new measurement being used. It's called Density-independent pixels, dp or "dips" for »

For purposes of remembering

Looking at pages like, it's amazing to me that it has existed as an entity for almost as long the internet has. I'm sure »