Setting up simple routes

Tonight, I setup simple post id based routes. Now posts can be clicked on and each has its own "url". There are many things I have to do next, one of them being pretty URLs but before then, I'm going to work on getting this blog looking like a real blog and not just a bunch of unorganized text. <<<

Moving to my own blog

So this is it... After years and years of having unmaintained blogs on various different platforms, I've decided to just build my own blog. Here's hoping this will keep me interested, fingers-crossed 🤞. One of my main reasons to run a blog is to keep some thoughts I have out there but I have run into one problem over and over. I am always unsure on what to share and what not to share. And these things I'm afraid to share aren't controversial or outrageous things, they're mostly things I think aren't important enough to blog. So, hopefully some of my blog posts are useful to someone out there!