Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

I just finished listening to the Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari audiobook. After finishing the Harry Potter series, I was hesitant to start another one, the series was so good I couldn't believe I listened to the whole thing within two months! But with Sapiens , the start was slow and it took awhile to get through the beginning but there's nothing wrong with the book or audiobook, that was just me being resistant to listening a new audiobook.

Sapiens is the first book about a non-fiction topic that I've enjoyed listening. Reading non-fiction books has always been easy for me since one book takes a long time and doesn't require cover to cover reading, especially a book where the subject is so dense and complicated as human evolution, human history, and so many other things talked about in the book.

The narration is done by Derek Perkins, and in my opinion, it's done really well. There's not much dialogue so the narrator does not have to create so many different voices or anything like Stephen Fry in Harry Potter . Throughout the book, the narration felt very smooth and fluid to me, didn't sound boring or monotonous but it is hard to listen to a book where so many names are being through around.

Overall, I really like the book. I loved finding out so much new information about human evolution, how cultures came about, how currencies have changed over time, and where humans are going. I would highly recommend this as an audiobook to anyone looking for a new book to listen or to read.

A tools repo

As a developer, I come across a bunch of StackOverflow answers, blog posts, and snippets in many forms that can be collected together to be easily accessible and also be useful.

I have a practice folder where I try things, whether it's learning a new framework or trying out a programming language. But this looks like a junkyard of code to an outsider, a lot of setup code and even more useless tutorial files.

Because the practice repo is practically useless to anyone else, I've decided to add a tools repo.

This repo could be useful to an observer, right now it doesn't contain much but the hope is to continue adding useful scripts that can be used independently of a framework, library, or some other setup.

A blog's for sharing, here's a song I really like

So my blog is kinda boring, it's not so entertaining these days because I haven't been working on anything new and I haven't been in the mood to share anything but I wanted to share a song that I love.

It's called 'Nahin Samne' by A.R. Rahman & Sukwinder Singh from the movie Taal.

´ú┐Music link

Spotify link

Firefox Quantum is fast!

Today, I was playing around with Firefox and Chrome and just looking at the general experience of using a resource intensive site like, all of the demos loaded significantly faster on Firefox than Chrome.

Try it out yourself, download firefox here: Firefox Quantum

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