Veneer #1 Instagram

For a long time now, the veneer project on github has been a silent, unknown sort of thing and I have been adding files and updating »

Google Music for a week

One week from ´ú┐MUSIC, I already I will be giving it a go when it's released but today I am going to try out Google Music's »

InstaTab 1.9 update and getting ready for 2.0

So in the past week, I've pushed a few bug fixes that make InstaTab a lot more stable. Changes in 1.9 include fixing the grid »

InstaTab 1.8 update

With the 1.7 release, I wanted to update the image resolution to decrease load times. I realized in the single-view mode, the images were too »

InstaTab 1.7 update

Today I pushed a bug fix update for InstaTab. This update comes almost 6 weeks after the last update and this is because I lost all »