Recovering my basil plant

This is my second time recovering this basil plant. It was left unattended for over a week the first time around and it got dry and looked droopy. I wish I had some photos to share from that time but I didn't think of taking any.

This time, I've taken a before and after photo.


The reason it looked all droopy is because it's been sitting away from a big window so no sun, it was placed in a small greenhouse which is not ideal since it didn't get warmth or sunlight to be healthy.


What was needed to get this group of basil back to life? First, more sunshine, it was not getting enough energy to keep the leaves expanded so they can do their job. Second, some water, since San Francisco is cold and very windy, it's tough to judge if plants will run out of water based on the weather outside. Plants naturally use water but there's water lost through everyday evaporation which can't be measured so it's just a guess. If I water it too often then I'm giving water for small fungus gnats would flourish which is bad for all plants in a home garden, not just this pot of basil.

If you'd like to learn more about how to control and get rid of fungus gnats, check out this very helpful article:

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