Loss of focus

The past week I've been struggling to focus on things, I've had a hard time sleeping. Around last weekend, my cat Bilo started to meow at night. Meowing sounds nice once or twice but endlessly for hours is so painful. I decided to get up and play with him and he has been a bit calmer the past few days but he's still waking me up a lot at night. Taking him to the doctor's soon but I'm not sure what they'll be able to do.

This sleep deprivation has led me to be less focused on things I'm doing during the day, whether it's work or personal things. Reading has become tougher since I'll lose focus and that really bothers me.

Today, I'm going to the gym and making dinner at home so I'm hoping to get my sleep back on schedule. I have been playing with Bilo more during the day.

Muhammad Usman

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