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Since my last post, I've been trying to study, do something to keep me focused on learning something new, and also just trying to create things. Talking to other people has led me to think of working on new things and also to collaborate with others as well. I hope to get some things started with a couple of people I've been talking to recently, nothing serious yet so just being hopeful 😊.

Tonight, I decided to add a new endpoint for my data setup. Weight. Why weight? Because for 2017, one of my goals is to get to a healthy weight and for me, that's going from 127lbs to 140lbs. That's a little over 1 lb per month but I've been on track so far. So I added the endpoint to help me keep track of this.

I haven't found a useful iOS app that does this so I decided the quickest way to keep track would be to just have it on

Check it out:

Also, more details on the homepage too!

Muhammad Usman

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