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  • North, or some reflections on sitting and staring at things in my office

    Whenever I listen to “North” by Phoenix, I’m reminded of sitting at my doctor’s office, the quietness only filled with an instrumental that builds and builds until a howl. Right now, I’m sitting listening to it and it’s on my “Upside Down” playlist created by Spotify. And at times like this, I think to myself, […]

  • After years, I bought a personal MacBook

    The last time I bought a macbook was in 2010. It was a 13″ Macbook Pro at the base specs. It was great, lasted me a couple of years and then I passed it on to a friend. Last month, I decided to order a new macbook, the ones with M1 chips. I got a […]

  • Summer 2021 projects

    The past few months have been a mix of productive and lazy days. Some days, I got up and was focused for most hours, got some work done and also some personal tasks done and others were a wash. But overall, I think the pandemic’s languishing feelings are starting to subside as I try to […]

  • Apple Card  First Impressions

    I decided to try the Apple Card and so I signed up for one about 10 days ago. Below are some of my thoughts on it but please don’t think this is a full review of the card which I’m sure you can find in many other places, I will only focus on a few […]

  • Conspicuous consumption and other thoughts on spending

    I want to talk about how Conspicuous Consumption has led me to write this post, in a hypocritical state of mind if nothing else. As I posted late last night or early this morning, I am in Portland and it’s been a fun few days. I contacted a few friends to meet up and we’ve […]

  • Thoughts on the Spotify IPO

    When Spotify announced their IPO awhile ago, I was surprised they were even going for an IPO because of their financials. I'm not going to make this post a deep dive into the financials of Spotify but more on a layperson's thoughts on something like this IPO. I've used Spotify since the very first day […]