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  • Weekend project update 2: simple URL shortening

    Yesterday’s work was mostly focused on routing, getting the app set up, and making sure my environment is working. Today’s goal was to get the URL shortening working and that was pretty easy. I used basic crypto hashing to generate the short URL and then chopped it off. You can see the code here →

  • Weekend project progress: routes for Larri

    This morning, I started working on a simple weekend project in which the goal is a deployed API server that does one simple thing. The business logic and the API behavior isn’t too important to me because the focus of this project is actually learning more about deployment. So far though, I’ve been only concentrating […]

  • Is the Keychron Q1 a GMMK Pro dupe?

    So I finished building my GMMK Pro last week (a writeup is in my drafts for that). I got an email from Keychron the same week I got my GMMK Pro shipped. I waited about 6 months after reserving the board to be able to buy the GMMK Pro so timing was a total coincidence, […]

  • An alternative icon for iTerm2

    I created a simple icon for iTerm2 which I wanted to share below: You can download it on macos icons or directly here

  • Fields of Coral by Vangelis

    I was recently reading Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis and in my mind, I could hear this song playing in the background as the ethereal world of Malacandra was described. I want to share it with you, maybe for sci-fi reading.

  • Line art practice

    I’ve been practicing in the Procreate app:

  • Local .vimrc for neovim settings and differences

    For directory-specific vim settings, you can use .vimrc but when using neovim, you’ll need to use .nvimrc instead. To get it all working, add the following to your init.nvim file: Using set secure will disable/disallow using autocmd settings In the directory with vim settings, add an .nvimrc file. I was struggling with this b/c I […]

  • Running a local docker instance for WordPress theme development

    I wanted to update the Leaf theme (the one I’m currently using) and I haven’t had wordpress on my computer in a long time. Instead of going through the whole set up again, I decided to use docker for this. I wanted to keep the setup to a minimal and also make it portable for […]

  • TIL: using inv for any vim setting will invert it

    For example:

  • TIL: tempfile in ruby, use it for easy garbage collection afterwards

    Today, I was working on a script at work where I ultimately needed to export a 2MB file and although this isn’t a large file, I know I will forget about getting rid of it so while searching around, I came across tempfile. Tempfile simply will be garbage collected at some time because the file […]