Tracy by Mogwai

I've thought about posting this song for a long time. Longer than I've been posting songs to share and I've thought about this one for a long time. This song has a dark, subtle, haunting, and mysterious sound to it. The sound is amazing, it's post-rock in its best form but this song also present something so outside its sound, its name.

For most of my teen years, I lived in Tracy and it is what I consider my hometown and where I associate my growing up with. My time in San Jose, I think of that as a young me, very young me, unlike myself at all and too young to really know much outside of my home and school.

In Tracy, I found some of my best friends, I found some of my best hobbies, many countless memories, and overall, a place to call my hometown. It's a quaint and quiet place but it helped me grow up.

Today, my parents are moving away from Tracy, for an undetermined amount of time because they're terminating the lease for the house they were renting. I'm saddening less than when they had to foreclose their house in 2008 during the recession but it's still a somber time for me.

I want to share the song with a lot of preface because it helps me put a meaning behind the song for me.

Muhammad Usman

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