Thoughts on inactivity on social media

So around end of October, I was thinking to myself that I spend way too much time on social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. I was checking them first thing in the morning and not really gaining anything by checking them. FOMO is a horrible feeling.

So around beginning of November, I started to delete and cut down on using these apps. I was going to Facebook so often on my computer that typing f would show as the top suggestion in Chrome. So I deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone along with Instagram, reddit, snapchat, and a few others.

Now, about a month later, I'm only using Snapchat here and there, but the others are still uninstalled, I don't notice anything missing without them.

I like having the Facebook app on my phone so I can quickly talk to people but that's better with Facebook Messenger than it is with the main Facebook app, so I've decided to only keep Messenger on my phone.

By cutting down time on social media apps, I'm able to spend a bit more time reading and just doing anything else that doesn't involve looking at comments of other people over and over.

I had also not been blogging on this blog during this time but that I really didn't like, I like being able to share some update that is really an update to the abyss and not to real people. I think it's a way to vent out something on my mind.

Muhammad Usman

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