Data now featuring movies

So after so many grueling attempts to start using as a way of surfacing some data about myself, I finally got one type of data to display with some real data.

If you go to /movies, you'll see a list of movies that have been added to the list and are sorted by date watched.

I liked working on this because displaying the data and showing it as a json object is easy, that was just a few simple lines in Flask.

The more interesting part is how I'm getting this data. First, I send a text message to twilio which twilio sends over to the data server, from there, I determine if it is a movie. If it's a movie, I look for a rating and title of the movie. That's actually pretty simple in Python, so after that I go on to add it to the db with a formatted rating.

I'll be working on more things like this to try to surface other things as well.

Muhammad Usman

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